About IEID

In the present-day world expertise is construed in multidisciplinary and intercultural context and networks. Firstly, today’s expertise is constructed by perceptiveness to seize evolving changes and the ability to grasp their meaning to those who work in similar fields.  The other side of the coin is the ability to grasp the way these changes shape the experimental knowledge of customers.

The successful development of working life increasingly requires expertise at the interface between various fields of vocational education and training. Innovation potential lies at the interface; similarly the most challenging problems of working life are hiding at the crossroads of professions.

Humak University of Applied Sciences and KYAMK University of Applied Sciences organized the conference From Intercultural Encounters to Interprofessional Development in Helsinki inFebruary 2015. The conference focused on the challenges of multidisciplinary professionalism and development of working life.

The conference was a part of the project Master’s Degree Programs – influential force in the R&D&I framework funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Arrangers invited experts in the fields of youth work, NGO, multilingualism, multiculturalism and accessibility are invited to discuss and share information on present and, especially, impending practices to the conference.

Conference was streamed live to Internet.

Topics of interest

  • innovations in the interface of various fields of vocational education
  • interprofessionality as innovative force in working life and service organization
  • generational status, culturalism and development of community knowledge
  • innovations of special groups in the development of working life
  • networking as a tool for interprofessionality
  • interdiciplinarity and interprofessionality in development work
  • intercultural encountering at development projects


  • Workshop A: Interdisciplinarity
  • Workshop B: Interprofessionality
  • Workshop C: Development work
  • Workshop D: Interculturality in projects